Saturday, June 22, 2013

An easy Thursday

Yesterday was calm and relaxing, which was needed as several of the volunteers are sick and run down, needing a recovery day. After a productive morning of reading the TIP report (US government's annual report on human trafficking as well as a breakdown by country) and writing up an analysis, I finally decided to take some time for myself and go for a run. I took off up the road towards our small neighborhood town. We are up on a series of hills that overlooks a beautiful lake. The dirt roads and steep hills makes running a little tough, but the views are fantastic. Our only real neighbors are the cows, but after a few minutes I made it to the town. It contains a church, a school, a soccer field, and one small store. Calling it a very small town would only be an exaggeration of its size. After a lap around the town I continued up the road to find the windmills. There are hundreds of turbines all on top of the surrounding hills. Costa Rica is one of the most "green energy" countries around. This is easy because they do not have any preexisting infrastructure which makes it easy to convert to "green energy".

When I returned to the house our one solo resident was playing ping pong as part of her 30 mins of exercise for the day. She is a very smart girl. The past several nights, we have had game nights. Rummikub has been the game of choice and she picked it up super quick, even winning several rounds. The home school system is quiet strange, but she has decided to take all of her end of year exams for 8th grade during the same testing period. Most students will take a few exams at a time, but she is planning on completing an entire year of school in only a little over 3 months. We have mandatory study time which is three sessions that add up to 4 hours a day. She is quickly beginning to settle into the routine and the rules and now all we need to do is wait for Pani to send us more girls.

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